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Once you click on the link, you will be taken to the parts break down page. Use your browsers back button to return to this index page. I could have used frames or some other HTML trick, but this will make it easier for you to print the image. Plus you don't want all of my logos and stuff getting in the way! The part numbers on these pages may have been changed by Toyota over the years. So when you quote a number to the parts person, don't get mad at me or him if he has no clue what you are talking about. Have fun and I hope these pages help make your experience with the first generation MR2 better. If you have more parts pages that might be missing from this page, email it to me and I will post you as the supplier. Also feel free to link to this page from your website. If you do, let me know so I can link back to your site. Thank you.

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Toyota Manuals

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1988 BGB

1989 BGB

1991 BGB

1991 Electrical BGB

1993 Electrical BGB

1993 BGB

1995 Electrical  <-- No need to unzip -->

DIY - How to

Urethane Engine Mounts

Basic Trouble Shooting - PDF 118kb
1989 MR2 Tech Specs - PDF 22kb
1988 - 1989 4age Rebuild and Removal Instructions - PDF 131kb
1988 Transaxle Servicing - PDF 30kb
1988 - 1992 MR2 Automatic Transaxle Diagnosis - PDF 449kb
1988 Automatic Transaxle Servicing - PDF 30kb
1985 - 1988 VIN Code Identification - PDF 19kb
C52 and E51 Servicing - PDF 30kb
1988 Clutch - PDF 56kb

AW10 - AW11 Engines - 3A-LU / 4A-GE
AW10 - AW11 Engines - 3A-LU / 4A-GE 2

ST165 Celica All-Trac Intercooling System - Air to Water

The Following Images are from the JSPEC (JDM) EPC- They may be different than North American or European models
AW11 Automatic Transaxle 1 2
AW11 Automatic Transaxle Speedo Gear
AW11 Automatic Transaxle Bands & Clutches
AW11 Automatic Transaxle Cooler
AW11 Automatic Transaxle Torque Converter

1988 BGB Scans 9.1MB PDF

4A-GZE ECU Pinouts for AE101 Corolla / Levin FWD .PDF incomplete but is a good start
4A-GZE ECU Pinouts for AE92 Corolla / Levin FWD .PDF incomplete but is a good start

MK2 MR2 Vacuum Diagrams
1991 3SGTE 1 2
1992 3SGTE 1 2
1993 - 1995 3SGTE 1
1991 5SFE 1 2

1991 Toyota All - Vacuum Diagrams
1992 Toyota All - Vacuum Diagrams
1993 Toyota All - Vacuum Diagrams
1994 MR2 Vacuum Diagrams 2.2 N/A
1995 MR2 Vacuum Diagrams 2.2 N/A



Chassis Measurements: REAR -- FRONT --

Battery Carrier
Cowl Panel Windshield
Cross Member Covers
Door Lock Handle
Door Panel Glass
Emblem Name Plate
Engine Hood
Fender Apron - Dash Panel
Floor Pan Back Panel
Floor Side Member
Front Bumper
Front Moulding
Front Trunk
Hood Lock - Hinge
Hood - Fenders
Instrument Panel Screws
Jack Locations
Lock Cylinder Set
Luggage Compartment
Quarter Window
Radiator Grille
Rear Bumper
Rear Moulding
Rear Trunk
Roof Panel - Back Window
Roof Side Ventilator
Side Member
Side Moulding 1
Side Moulding 2
Spoiler - Mudguard
Wheel Carrier
Window Regulator Hinge



Brake Booster 1
Brake Booster 2
Brake Booster 3
Brake Lines
Brake Master Cylinder
Brake Pedal
Front Brake Pads
Front Brakes
Parking Brake
Rear Brake Pads
Rear Brakes


A/C Compressor 1
A/C Compressor 2
A/C Compressor 3
Cooler Piping
Engine Cooling System - Thermostat etc..
Cooler Unit 1
Cooler Unit 2
Cooling Piping 'A' Type
Cooling Piping 'B' Type
Heat - A/C Assembly
Heat - A/C Piping
Heater Unit - Blower 1
Heater Unit - Blower 2
Engine Oil Cooler
Pipe Layout - Cooling
Radiator - Water 1
Radiator - Water 2
Water Pump


1995 MR2 Electrical Diagrams PDF 1.02MB
1994 MR2 Electrical Diagrams PDF 1.13MB
1993 MR2 Electrical Diagrams PDF 273kb
1992 MR2 Electrical Diagrams PDF 230kb
1991 MR2 Electrical Diagrams PDF 230kb

1989 MR2 Electrical Diagrams PDF 194kb
1989 MR2 Electrical Diagrams Complete 1 2 3 4
1989 MR2 Electrical Component Locations
1988 MR2 Electrical Diagrams PDF 205kb
1988 MR2 Electrical Diagrams Complete 1 2 3 4
1987 MR2 Electrical Diagrams PDF 202kb
1986 MR2 Electrical Diagrams PDF 164kb
1985 MR2 Electrical Diagrams PDF 163kb

1985 Corolla RWD 1A 1 2 3
1986 Corolla RWD 1A 1 2 3
1987 Corolla RWD Electrical Diagram PDF 306kb
1988 Corolla FWD Electrical Diagram PDF 508kb
1988 Corolla FWD FX and FX16 Electrical Diagram PDF 354kb
1989 Corolla FWD
1990 Corolla FWD

Cruise Control
Door Motor - Solenoid
EFI System
Front Turn Signal
Guages 1
Guages 2
Indicator Lights
Instrument Panel Relay Locations
Instrument Panel Relay Location 2
Instrument Panel Switches
Interior Lights
Overdrive Switch
Rear Marker Light
Side Turn Signal
Switch Relay 1
Switch Relay 2
Switch Relay 3
Switch Relay 4
Tail Light
Third Brake Light
Windshield Washer
Windshield Wipers
Wiring 1
Wiring 2
Wiring 3
Wiring 4

1988 MR2 N/A - Engine Compartment Wiring Diagram
1988 MR2 SuperCharged - N/A Junction Blocks 3 & 4 Wiring Diagram
1988 MR2 SuperCharged - N/A Instrument Panel, Cruise, Wiper/Washer Wiring Diagram
1988 MR2 SuperCharged - N/A Relay Block #1, Heater, Ignition Switch, A/C Wiring Diagram
1988 MR2 SuperCharged - N/A Alternator, ECT Computer, Relay Block #2 Wiring Diagram
1988 MR2 N/A - Engine Compartment Fuel System, EFI ECU, Ignition Wiring Diagram
1988 MR2 SuperCharged - Engine Compartment Fuel System, EFI ECU, Ignition Wiring Diagram
1988 MR2 SuperCharged - N/A Rear Compartment, Power Mirrors, Doors, Lights Wiring Diagram
Diagnostic Codes - KCIMOC
Diagnostic Codes - MK1 Nick Challoner's Website

1985 AW11 MR2 - Electrical
1985 Engine Compartment ----- PDF Version White Background
1985 Underdash ----- PDF Version White Background
1985 Underdash 2 ----- PDF Version White Background
1985 Underdash 3 ----- PDF Version White Background
1985 Instrument Panel ----- PDF Version White Background
1985 Rear Compartment ----- PDF Version White Background

1986 AW11 MR2 - Electrical
1986 Engine Compartment 1
1986 Underdash 1
1986 Underdash 2
1986 Underdash 3
1986 Instrument Panel
1986 Rear Compartment

1987 AW11 MR2 - Electrical
1987 Front Compartment
1987 Underdash 1
1987 Underdash 2 and Instrument Panel 1
1987 Instrument Panel 2
1987 Accessories
1987 Rear Compartment 1
1987 Rear Compartment 2

1988 AW11 MR2 - Electrical
1988 4A-GZE Engine Compartment - USA Spec
1988 4A-GE Engine Compartment - USA Spec
1988 Engine Compartment, Headlights, and Relay Block #6
1988 Junction Block 3 and 4
1988 Relay Block #1 AC, Heating, and Ignition
1988 Instrument Panel, cluster, cruise,combination switch, wiper/washer, vacuum pump
1988 Engine Compartment, Alternator, ECT Computer, Relay Block #2
1988 Rear Compartment & Accessories, Power Mirrors, Power Antenna, Seat Belt, Power Door Locks, Interior Lights, Rear Lights

1989 AW11 MR2 - Electrical
1989 Fuse Block #5 Headlights
1989 Fuse Blocks #4 and #5
1989 Fuse Block #1 , A/C, and heating
1989 Steering Column, Cruise Control and Instrument Panel
1989 Automatic Transmission Control and Fuse Block #2
1989 Computer Engine Control 4AGE
1989 Computer Engine Control 4AGZE
1989 Engine Compartment and Tailights


Charcoal Cannister Check & Cleaning Procedures
Common Spark Plug Conditions


4AGE Critical PartsMap - Where is my Oil Filter / Oil Pressure Sending unit?
4AGE TVI-S Large Port - Full Parts Breakdown Image - no part numbers
4AGE TVI-S Large Port - Part Numbers - European - Intake & Exhaust
Torque Specifications - TVI-S Large Port 4AGE
Accelerator Link

SuperCharger Air Intake
Camshaft and Valves
Caution Plates
Cover and Plate
Crankshaft - Piston
Cylinder Block
Cylinder Head
Cam Cover Gasket Silicone Location
SuperCharger AFM & Intake System
4AGE NA Hose Layout - Emmisions & TVI-S

4AGZE Vacuum Hose Layout and Routing
In-Tank Fuel Pump
EGR System
Engine Mounts
Engine Overhaul Gasket Set
Exhaust System - Downpipe & Cat / Muffler
Fuel 1
Fuel 2
Super Charger Intake & Exhaust Manifolds
Oil Filter & Adapter Sandwich
Oil Pump
Partial Engine
Short Block
Vacuum Hose
Vacuum Piping 1
Vacuum Piping 2
Vacuum Piping 3
Ventilation Hose
1988 Vacuum Hose Layout 4age

4AG(Z)E Cam Shaft Shim Size Chart
4AGZE J-Spec Wireing Diagrams -in Japanese with english notes 1.2MB PDF
Head Bolt Torque Procedures
Cam Belt Timing Marks
Cam Belt Timing Gears Alignment
Piston Alignment
Main Bearings 1
Main Bearings 2 Measurements
Rod Bearing Measurements
Small Port 4AGE FWD Oiling System
Small Port 4AGE Oil Pump Inspection
Small Port 4AGE Torque Sheet
4AGE Crank Torque Procedures
Cam Bearing Install
Small Port 4AGE Specifications 1 2 3 4 5
4AGE Small Port Geo Prism GSi VIN 5 ECU Pin Outs
4AGE Small Port Tune Up


Front Axle
Front Hub
Front Suspension
Front Suspension 2
Rear Hub
Rear Suspension
Rear Suspension 2
Steering Rack
Steering Column
Steering Wheel


Arm Rest - Visor
Ash Recepticle
Board - Door Trim
Console Box
Door Panel
Floor Insulation
Instrument Panel - Glove Box
Mat - Carpet
Seat Belt


20 Valve to 16 Valve Conversion - Wiring Harness
Supplied by Jeff Krebs


Axle Housing - Differential
Clutch Hose
Clutch Master Cylinder
Clutch Pedal
Clutch Release Cylinder

Gear Fork - Shaft
Housing - Trans Case
Rear Axle Shaft
Shift Lever
Shift Linkage
Speedometer Gear
Trans Oil Pump
Transaxle Assembly
Transmission Gear


Toyota Corolla Sprinter 4AGE 20 Valve (Silver Top) Part Numbers


06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Gasket Kit Engine Overhaul / Gasket Kit Engine Valve Grind
06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Engine
06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Cylinder Head
06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Timing Gear Cover and Rear End Plate
06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Mounts
06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Vent Hose (PCV Breather Hose)
06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Crank Shaft, Pistons, Rings, Flywheel, Rods and Bearings
06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Valve Train, Cams, Valves, Belts
06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Oil Pump, Cover, Strainer
06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Oil Filter and Adapter
06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Water Pump
06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Intake and Exhaust Manifolds
06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Intake System, Filter, Air Box
06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Spark Plugs, Wires
06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Distributer
06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Fuel Injection, Throttlebodies, Linkage, Fuel Filter
06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Starter
06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Alternator


06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Clutch, Pressure Plate



06.91 - 05.95 (Silver Top 20v) Cooling System


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